Ritual of Chaos - Deprecated Level Guide: 11-19

By: Damian Lampl - 12/5/2010 4:45:02 PM

Deprecated, Decapitated, Same Thing
I don't think it means what you think it means.

Unfortunately I wrote this well over a year ago and never finished the glyphs at the end so it's just a LITTLE out of date (although I did add some fun links I had no idea existed before like Razor Hill which is frickin amazing so YOU'RE WELCOME for including little gems like that).  But it's new reading material for you and that makes it new enough to post.  To make it up to you, I'll invite you to suck whatever body part of mine most interests you (no biting).

Well, congratulations.  You're officially big-time small fry.  Who knows where your toon is currently trying to level but it SHOULD be finishing up in Tirisfal Glades and getting ready to move toward Silverpine Forest.  Killing shit.  And questing.  Or killing shit for quests.  Note: don't confuse killing shit with COLLECTING shit; you'll be doing plenty of that in Outland.

At this stage you've hopefully visited the nearest capital city (Undercity, right?) and learned how to sell shit, repair your gear, use the bank, found the flight master, selected a couple professions, and learned how to make a giant puff of blue cotton candy appear before your eyes with little more than ten minutes of slight finger gyrations and some pinkish-purple lights, right?  RIGHT?  *sigh*  Go do those activities and come back.

Alright, on to killing shit and questing in Silverpine.  There's really only one thing you need to keep in mind while tooling around the area: Son Of A...rugal?  Huh?  I'm warning you... He's got HUGE sharp... er.. he can leap about.... LOOK AT THE BONES!  RUN AWAY!!

After braving the monstrosities wandering the forest for the trees of Silverpine and running out of quests, you can make your way to Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills.  The zone is east of Silverpine but if you want to avoid becoming fertilizer for the area plant life you'll want to follow the road as it leads south and bends east, taking care to not follow the detour through all the Dalaran Pansy Society wannabies.  OMFG, see what happened there?  Unplanned even?  DPS wannabies.  Pffft!  Hahaha, that's just too much.  Come back in 20mins and I'll be done slaying myself.

Oh, you're still here.  Well, if you're having problems killing shit and you're not as close to level 19 as you'd like to be, take a blimp to Orgrimmar, run a really long way to *shudder* Crossroads and pick up the flight path before running a really long way to the Stonetalon Mountains (west of *shudder* Crossroads).  Or do some quests in *shudder* Crossroads; it's a game, have fun (if you can in *shudder* Crossroads).  Between the quests here and Silverpine you should easily be hitting level 19 in a matter of a few seconds /played.

An alternative would be to hit the Orb of Translocation (huh?) and do some questing in Blood Elf territory.  The experience is incredibly streamlined compared to Silverpine and Stonetalon but you're a lock and really shouldn't enjoy doing things the easy way.

Unfortunately some of you rolled non-Undead locks.  Luckily for you Orcs, Gul'Dan was the first of your kind and he was something of a badass so you're cool.  Everyone else might as well have rolled a mage.  Alright, that's a bit harsh but seriously, if you're not an Orc or Undead you should take this opportunity to reroll before you get too attached to a mediocre species.  But if you're going to be stubborn about it and trudge through the game as "one of those" locks, at least do something mildly evil or annoying:

  • Blood Elf Chick: Crank your volume to max level and laugh.  Listen to yourself.  Really hear yourself.  And ask yourself if you still want to be a Blood Elf chick.
  • Blood Elf Dude: You didn't really roll a Blood Elf dude, did you?  There's no hope for you.  Do whatever you want.
  • Gnome Chick: /giggle.  You will never be evil.
  • Gnome Dude: Punt yourself.
  • Human Chick: /dance.  Yeah.  You look... uncoordinated?  Is that politically correct?
  • Human Dude: See Blood Elf dude above.


With the warlock union-mandated chastising out of the way we can proceed to the zones you should be doing the bulk of your leveling.


You should be done or close to being done in Razor Hill and the surrounding areas.  Make your way to *shudder* Crossroads in The Barrens.  Just be sure to type "/leave general; /leave localdefense" otherwise we may never see you again.  Your goal is to try and find meaning in the fact that most zhevras have no hooves, most plainstriders have no beaks, and most prowlers have no claws.  But it looks like they all... SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR OATMEAL!

Once you discover a particular zen, someone is bound to yell something or another about Mankrik and his f---ing wife.  Not to spoil it for you but she's dead.  Mankrik probably killed her and dumped her body in the middle of a bunch of ostriches hoping they'd pick her bones clean and blamed the quillboars.  We're on to you, Mankrik.  We're on to you.

After getting your fill of killing thousands of pigs and horsemen, you can finally move on to Stonetalon Mountains or southern Barrens and Camp T.... there's another name for it but it's some crazy Tauren word and no one really knows what it is so it's just referred to as Camp T.

Along the way to level 19 you should have discovered Ratchet (there's a flight path there now, seriously) and that you can take a ship to Booty Bay from where you probably shouldn't stray too far away if you don't feel like becoming a doll for hundreds of mini King Kongs.

Blood Elves:

If you need help leveling in the Blood Elf starting areas, Blood Elf is the perfect race for you.  But no matter how horrible you are at the game, make sure you pick up the quest "Journey to Undercity."  Seriously.  Every Horde toon should do this quest.  If you actually pay attention to it and do a little background check on Sylvannas, you'll find it to be one of the best and most touching quests in the game.

After her moving tribute, draw a couple beads of blood for her tragic story and move on.  Unless, of course, you're Undead and she gives you her patented wink-nod-bounce to meet her in an Apothecary dungeon cell.  Look, Sylvannas is totally frickin hot, alright; especially after her pixel surgery.  Those glowing red eyes... who WOULDN'T follow her into an Apothecary dungeon cell?  TOTALLY worth the rezz sickness after she banshee-gnaws your head off.


You should probably be in Loch Modan by now.  There's, um.. snow?  No, that was Dun Morogh.  Oh, you have a dam.  Yep.  A dam.  Why did you roll a gnome again?  So, do some quests in Loch Modan.  Kill some mobs, in Loch Modan.  Quest.  In Loch Modan.  And then you're level 19!  Yay, gnome!  Just take care the dwarves don't eat you, some of them are known to be cannibals.  And FFS, stop stealing our underpants, yes?


Run around Westfall killing murlocs and playing some Farmville until you ding 19.  If you run out of murlocs to kill (that will likely never happen) then you can make the trek to Redridge Mountains in the east.  And then... um.. oh FFS, just roll Undead.

Zone Recap (now with bonus notable quest hubs in every bullet!):


  • Eastern Kingdoms (the big mass of land on the right side of your map)
    • Ghostlands (10-20, Blood Elf)
      • Tranquillien
      • Farstrider Enclave
  • Kalimdor (the big mass of land on the left side of your map)
    • The Barrens (10-25, Mostly Orc/Tauren)
      • Crossroads
      • Ratchet
      • Camp Taurajo

Alliance (KOS.  J/K, Allies, teehee!  No, really, Hellfire yourselves while you still can):

  • Eastern Kingdoms (you read the Horde description already)
    • Loch Modan (10-20, Dwarf)
      • Thelsamar
      • Valley of Kings
      • The Farstrider Lodge
    • Westfall (10-20, Human)
      • Sentinel Hill
      • Roll Undead




  • Health Funnel: Rank 1 - Level 12 - Required.  Using this on your drop of blue toilet cleaning fluid will allow you to keep your minion alive..ish just long enough to down that Son Of A...rugal?  I warned you...
  • Drain Life: Rank 1 - Level 14 - Required.  This used in conjunction with Health Funnel and Life Tap will allow you to run through the rest of the game without the need for drinking or eating.  Unless that pansy made some mana strudels again, those things are really frickin good, you know?  Wait, you can't use those yet anyway, stop drooling.  Wait, wait, magi suck.  That's better.
  • Unending Breath - Level 16 - Good to have. You're Undead so you don't really need this but if you grab the minor glyph for it, you'll swim (almost noticeably) faster.
  • Create Soulstone: Rank 1 - Level 18 - Required.  If you remember to have this on you at all times, you're an elephant and need to constantly be on the lookout for stray Draenei looking to catch a ride.  You WILL forget to slap one of these on yourself at a key "OMG there's THOUSANDS of them!" moment and find yourself dropping 20,000 unheard f-bombs while corpse-running (because you can't speak when you're dead, silly).  If you happen to be one of those brave souls willing to group or run instances... well, maybe brave isn't the correct term.  Regardless, if you're in the presence of a healer, make sure to use Soulstone on yourself so you can rezz if your group wipes, taking care to laugh at everyone else making a corpse run, bitching at you for not dumping the Soulstone on your healer.  Make sure to ask everyone what took them so long when they finally get back.  You're horrible.  Simply horrible.  And you love it.
  • Searing Pain: Rank 1 - Level 18 - Skip for now unless you really want it because you probably won't be using it much yet.  Eventually it supposedly does something for crit procs but it hits for such a low amount of damage you'd be better off conserving spell juice and just flailing wildly at it with whatever happens to be in your hands.  You do have a weapon equipped, yes?


First off, what are these "glyphs" you speak of?  They're pretty much just passive abilities that provide some kind of benefit, such as knowing the first 100 digits of Pi.  Note to self: make a phone call (inside joke maybe three people worldwide will understand; and if you don't, you're not one of the "chosen" -- sucks to be you)....





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