Skaynk: What's Wrong With This Picture?

By: Damian Lampl - 11/29/2010 12:27:14 AM

That bitch, Sylvanas
Repeat after me: double standard.

I'm falling in love with my troll druid.  For the record, I used to hate trolls, and I have some posts I really need to get uploaded already, explaining why that was the case; and why that case is changing.  At any rate, I was running her through the new and improved Shadowfang Keep (fucking awesome, by the way) when I was slapped in the face by irony.

In case you can't read it in the photo, the dungeon boss venomously states, "That bitch Sylvanas sent you too, did she?  No matter, your journey ends in agony."

This right here exemplifies everything I loathe about dumbfuck policies masquerading as goodie two-shoes iron fists behind the facade of "morality."  Let's cut the fucking bullshit, shall we?  Principle != Practice.  Enforcement of such clearly trivial infractions of fractured regulations is an insult to every person who has truly been harassed, oppressed, ridiculed, or abused (physically or emotionally).

That little shit who cried wolf was eaten (and hopefully painfully mauled before expiring) for good reason: he was a dumbass.  Any person who cries over an "offensive" avatar name in a video game is a fucking dumbass.  While it could technically be done, realistically no one is going to play the game without killing something.  On purpose.  Yet somehow the names of Skaynk and The Homonyms are "offensive?"  Really?  I invite anyone to morally justify the former over the latter.  Many times in math the solution is actually, "no solution," and there is no justification possible in this situation.  At least not by humans.

And that's why these kinds of policies piss me off so motherfucking bad.  They can't be justified.  The rationalizations given for their enforcement are irrational; contradictory.  You can't objectively enforce a subjective policy.  So the only way I can maintain my sanity in an insane world is to beat this dead horse of a topic until it's no longer even usable for glue.  Wiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllbbbuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr.......





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