Skaynk: R.I.P. Lubes

By: Damian Lampl - 11/28/2010 1:04:48 AM

R.I.P. Lubes
Sometimes censor bars are a good thing.

Wow.  So Lubes didn't make it through waivers, either.  I swear she went through the first two rounds unscathed but apparently not.  It's probably fitting I suppose.  Poor thing.  She feels bad enough being one of like 5 dwarf priests and now this?  Her self esteem has to be horrible.  No, not whoreable; that's Horre's department.  Geeze, you're such a Homonym.

There are currently:

13 Lubes

Mine was the only female dwarf, although two of the other existing are dwarf males.  I wish I'd noticed she got nixed before I made my Homonym collage.  There isn't really room for her in there now, but she's technically one of The Homonyms so I'll have to do something about that eventually.  Maybe she'll just get an honorable mention.  Dwarves always seem to get the shaft, huh?  Well, at least she's able to decrease the friction it causes.

I know, Lubes, I know.  It's just not fair, but like it or not, we have standards here on Portentous Dream.  Skaynk has set the bar pretty high and frankly, you're just not hot enough to be a member of The Homonyms.  Plus you're too... old.  I mean, look at you.  You're too... old.  You simply can't be one of The Homonyms; you're too old.  And I'm going to go watch Happy Gilmore again.

Oh, shit... I forgot you were still reading.  Damn it, I hate that Bob Barker...  I know you think he's dreamy, Lubes, but even if you had me beaten up by Mr. Barker, you still wouldn't make the cut.  No, the undead chicks are not hot, either, but they do some kind of banshee-flip-out-head-removal thing that quite frankly scares me so they get to stay.  You, Lubes, just look like you'll bake me some cookies in protest.  And I like cookies.

R.I.P. Lubes.





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