Skaynk: R.I.P. Horre

By: Damian Lampl - 11/18/2010 9:55:42 AM

I'll always remember you and your pussy, Horre
You were my first, Horre.

You deserve more, Horre.  More than practically an after-thought in Skaynk's lament.  Believe me, Horre, you are no after-thought.  You were my first main alt and that alone entitles you to this space.  Six years you walked the Azeroth, proudly bearing your whorish name.  Only a true whore could pull off such a feat with grace and elegance, Horre.  You truly are a Horre to remember.

Back in the days where simply playing the game required a second, and sometimes even third server, you came through for me, Horre.  When my main server was down or ridiculously queued, I knew I could count on my Horre to be there, waiting.  Thank you, Horre.  Thank you for being there when I needed you.

You even commanded respect from the Horde, Horre.  Countless "enemies" understood your principles, laughing along with your cleverness.  Even though you were always running around in leftover greens from sometimes thirty levels ago (or more), you were still practically overpowered.  A Horre the likes of which Azeroth had never seen, and never will again.

And who could forget your pussy, Meow, Horre?  She got more trouble into you than you would have ever gotten into yourself.  But she always helped get it out, Horre.  You're lucky to have such a great pussy.  And equally luckily, Meow is apparently an acceptable name so she lives on to serve as a constant reminder that you, Horre, are a whore with a wonderful pussy.

"Bah! Horre" will always be our inside joke, Horre.  I'll never forget.  And even with your new name, I'll still refer to you as Horre.  My Horre.





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