Ritual of Chaos - Level Guide: 6-9

By: Damian Lampl - 9/25/2009 10:41:18 AM

Nightfall at Agamand Mills, Tirisfall Glades
No, really. It looks totally safe.

Sweet Aunt Jemima, you're Level SIX already! Wizzoot! Did you know it used to take eight full months to reach Level 6? It's true, look it up. You've only been playing for four hours and for three of those you were running into walls and jumping in place. Seems like only three levels and 500,000 words ago we were discussing the same phenomenon. Deja vu.

Level 6

If you were paying attention during Level 5 and didn't pass out from exhaustion, you already know it's time to train some more spells. Let's see what's behind door number 8345843583960230. No, that wasn't just a mash-job on the number row. Each digit was chosen with care and thought-provoking insight. Figure it out.

Let's see here, you chose: Life Tap and a mod kit for Shadow Bolt. Congratulations, it's a boy! Wait, that's the wrong cut/paste Hallmark job. Congratulations, you're going to court!

Right now you're thinking Life Tap sounds pretty stupid... if you're a MAGE. No, really, Life Tap's pretty much the shiznit. Not only are you playing to your masochistic tendencies by partially killing yourself, but you also somehow convert that life force into spell juice. Win. Win. Now you don't have to worry about carrying around as much water if you're REALLY hurting for bag space. You can just carry around some food, tap yourself full of mana, and grub away your wounds. Or, if you're mister semi-pro, you're also leveling First Aid at the moment and can just rub some dirt on your slit wrists, slap a bandage on them, and go about your business. Some people prefer paper bags and duct tape as wound dressings after slicing through their leg with a radial saw (you know who you are) but this is a GAME. We'll leave the psychos back in the real world.

Level 7

Not much to see or do here other than kill mobs near your level. So why are you still Level 7? Stop killing things with a grey number, they don't give you experience anymore. Yes, they're easier than Paris Hilton (oh yeah, that dead horse of a joke SO just got kicked, even though she's actually hot, rich, and likes McDonald's... on second thought, Paris, will you marry me?) but unless they're giving you faction reputation for some insane achievement, MOVE ON.

Level 8

New spells. Yaaaaaaay... Almost like Christmas, right? Or like the anniversary of Elvis' suicide for those who don't celebrate Christmas? That doesn't even make sense, does it? MAN, what got into the Wheaties this morning? Wait, who eats breakfast anymore? What were we rambling about? Oh yeah, Level 8 spells. Here they are: Curse of Agony and Fear.

Woah. We're going to need about 10,000 more virtual trees to go over proper usage of your new toys. Luckily virtual trees grow on virtual trees and we have more than enough space to babble.

Let's start with Curse of Agony, shall we? No? You want to start with Fear? TOO BAD! Curse of Agony should be immediately slapped into your rotation, no questions asked. If this were Monopoly the community chest card you just drew would say, "Go directly to Awesome." Coupled (tripled?) with Immolate and Corruption, you now have three, count 'em, THREE powerful DOTS to throw on your unsuspecting target before you even hit your primary nuke. Are we OPed? Probably. But it feels REALLY good.

As with the global cooldown between Corruption and Shadow Bolt in your previous (now obsolete) rotation, simply add another backpedal to your routine. The spell sequence should now be: Immolate, Corruption w/backpedal until global cooldown is up, Curse of Agony w/backpedal, and then hammering Shadow Bolt. If the mob is still alive by the time it gets to you, it's probably level 15. No, you're not THAT overpowered, but the mobs around your level should be pretty close to dying by the time they reach you and you should only need one or two stabby-stab-stabs with your dagger or one extra Shadow Bolt to finish them off. And if they're STILL not dying quickly, feel free to switch up the rotation and slap a Shadow Bolt on them before you do your Corruption, Curse of Agony backpedal dance. Either way, you're a MONSTER!

On to the FEAR. This spell is admittedly not overly useful for PVE since there are usually better methods of crowd control when you're in a group. But once in a while there'll be a mob in your face that's insanely annoying but you don't have the lack of heart to just kill it before torture so you send it running until Krakgron (yes, that's your giant blueberry's name that you'll be learning about once you hit Level 10) gets a chance to engulf the thing in... cotton candy?

Where Fear absolutely shines is in PVP. So much so, in fact, us locks have been known to be overpowered because of it and have been hit so many times with a Nerf bat that Hasbro is asking for a royalty check.

The key with Fear is to remember it's not always a guarantee you can use it on your opponent. Once you get your feet wet by your own blood stain on the ground from that uberpwning rogue who's having WAY too much fun exploiting Blizzard's built in "so you want to play as a douche bag" game mechanic, we'll go over some of the instances you should NOT use Fear. No, really, they do exist. But you don't have to worry about them... yet. A note to mages, this is referred to as "foreshadowing." For the rogues, that means at some point in the future there will be more information on the subject and you're getting a hint at it right now. And for the murlocs, that means go die a terrible death.

Level 9

Hopefully you've been having a lot of fun with your new toys, haven't you? Well, enjoy them while you can. You're about to get your freshman swirly as you join the ranks of the "talented" on your next ding. Level 10 is so important, in fact, it gets its own level guide... and the fact it was an immature way to get 69 in the title. Hahahahahaha. Ha. Hurry up and get to Level 10, time's a wastin'.





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