Ritual of Chaos - Sarcasm is Sarcastic

By: Damian Lampl - 11/19/2010 12:29:34 AM

Too.. much.. pink...
There's clearly a design flaw when LSD is required to cleanse the visual palette.

I LOVE Eye of the Storm.  "Then why don't you marry it?  Ter her herr," you snidely snort.  Well, smartypants, you're in luck because I DO, in fact, love it so much that I bought it a flag and you're all invited to our wedding which will take place the next time you queue for a random battleground.  The reception will be held during your next random battleground after the wedding random battleground, and the honeymoon will be the following random battleground after the reception random battleground.


Ritual of Chaos - PVP Guides: Wintergrasp

By: Damian Lampl - 9/4/2009 2:01:31 AM

Wintergrasp - 100k Health
Only 17 tenacity? They're slacking off.

So you've finally dinged level 50.  Time to hit up some Wintergrasp, huh?  Wait, no, even locks shouldn't be that guy.  So you've finally dinged 51.  Time to hit up some Wintergrasp, huh?  What's in it for the aspiring lock unafraid of a few (thousand) deaths in the span of twenty minutes?  Aside from cannons, the epic feel of storming or defending a castle, cannons, being the best zone in the game for farming ore/herbs/elementals, cannons, siege vehicles, cannons, epic shard/marks gear rewards, cannons, and being able to blow things up with CANNONS, Wintergrasp has beautiful scenery this time of year.  Nice flowers.

There's two basic strategies in Wintergrasp: attacking and defending.  Don't worry, despite needing a degree in Astrophysics to follow along, it won't get more complicated than that.  And there'll be no math in case rogues or mages feel like skimming through their superior class' notes.  Everyone ready?  Yes?  Damn.  I'll wait until you're not.


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