Skaynk: R.I.P. Skaynk

By: Damian Lampl - 11/17/2010 8:55:31 PM

R.I.P. Skaynk (2007-2010)
You're my one and only, Skaynk.

I'll miss you, Skaynk.  You just won't be the same toon by any other name.  I wanted to make you, "of the Horde" but had to settle for, "of Silvermoon."  All the same, you're still my number one Skaynk.

I'll miss the countless quests where the NPC would say your name and make me chortle during some mindless grinding.  The double-takes from all the faction leaders as you'd walk by in nothing but your underwear (Sylvanas always stared the longest).  The bitch-slapping you'd give toons to whom which, "you never!"  The gasps.  The laughs.  All of it, Skaynk.

All of it will be missed.

They can take away your name, Skaynk, but they can never take away what you stand for: being a skank.  Every skank in the world can look up to you for guidance, knowing you stood up to THE MAN and said, "My name is Skaynk!  I'm proud to be a skank and I don't care how many skanks are offended by my skankiness!"  This world needs more skanks like you, Skaynk.  Because if the world didn't have skanks, where would all the skanks come from?

So I'll miss you, Skaynk.  And Horre and Nimf.  Tuat, Teat, and Lezzi.  I'll always remember you, Clytt.  You, too, Sluhtz.

As of right now on the armory, there are still:

- 23 Skaynks
- 20 Horres
- 28 Nimfs
- 15 Tuats
- 46??? Teats
- 28 Lezzis
- 3 Clytts (although my Clytt preceded them all)
- 1 Sluhtz (and I KNOW this person ripped off my name but hopefully they can keep the memory alive as long as possible)

That's an incredibly shitty hammer Blizz dropped on me if there are that many toons running around with the same names I just had to change.  Keep yours alive as long as you can, folks.  And as sad as I am to bid all of mine farewell, at least I still have you, Spitz... and your sister, Swahloz.





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