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By: Damian Lampl - 8/21/2009 5:16:38 PM

Sylvannas - Lament of the Highborne
Sylvannas singing "Lament of the Highborne"

My musical tastes are fairly diverse, though there is certainly a strong preference toward what would be best considered metal (Slipknot, DevilDriver, older Killswitch Engage - music purists could debate for hours on the genre of each but for me it's just easiest to consider it all metal). While that's my favorite and what's most often playing on the pizod, equally enjoyable are rock, oldies, rap, jazz, and even pop every once in a while; pretty much everything except "new" country. REAL country, like Alabama and The Oak Ridge Boys is good shit. I've even thrown "Highwayman" on Repeat-1 for days on end. Like over a week straight. Literally. No, that's not a joke. And if I need to stay awake while driving, it's classical all the way - Alexander Borodin FTW, who's with me? *sigh* Look him up.

But with WoW dailies it's naturally easy to sink into a routine and, as with most everything else, when it comes time to fly around Northrend it seems like something fast and heavy soothes me the most during the repetition.

Similarly, for whatever reason, sleeping to metal is the most relaxing and deep sleep I ever get. Slapping on the headphones and cranking up Killswitch Engage's "End of the Heartache" album to near max-level is the rare instance I can actually drool, and a mere twenty minutes to half an hour of that at my desk is better than 24 straight hours in a bed. My personal take on it is that sleep is a heightened state of concentration as much as anything else, so focusing enough to drown everything else out and just pass out is simply an ultimate state of concentration.

At any rate, with music playing such an integral role both in life and in the game, having certain songs or artists almost define a particular time or aspect both in and out of the game seems only natural.

WoW has an incredible soundtrack, each release better than its predecessor. All through vanilla it was straight up in-game music and sound effects. It was sacrilege for me to consider anything but. Then Burning Crusade came along and it was more of the same. And don't get me wrong here, the game's score is amazing so it's definitely worth listening to, but the advent of dailies pretty much changed everything.

Ever since hitting the Isle of Quel'Danas, listening to music other than that of the game has been a mainstay for blue exclamation points and leveling alts. Slipknot's "All Hope is Gone" album is what I was most listening to during the island dailies so those songs are forever tied to the later days of Burning Crusade.

Once Wrath hit it was back to the in-game music for a while. Absolutely worth it. Easily the best score of the three boxes so far, although "Lament of the Highborn" from Burning Crusade is still my absolute favorite of all the game's tracks (note: the link isn't the original but this version is equally if not more so unreal). But having gone through most of the quest hubs after dinging 80, it's been back to the metal. Every once in a while I'll throw the in-game sound on since it's so good, but ever since early March I've had DevilDriver going non-stop pretty much every day. And not just for dailies; they're on all day at work, too. Seems like the only time I don't have them on is during Wintergrasp so I can more easily hear my lock or druid getting destroyed. And yes, they're playing right now while writing this. Excellent shit. "Bitter Pill" off the latest album is unreal.





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