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By: Damian Lampl - 10/6/2010 12:12:27 PM

Randy Moss
Back where he belongs.


Finally. No more waiting for highlights on nfl.com.

Finally. No more hoping the Patriots are on CBS and play at a different time than the Vikings.

Finally. Randy Moss is a Viking again.

I can smell your confusion from here. No new posts in months and I come back with a man-crush on Randy Moss? What does this have to do with WoW? Well, nothing, but I've been putting off my Vikings site for going on seven or eight years now, so this is space I can welcome back the greatest receiver in NFL history (no offense, Jerry; you were great and had longevity, but Moss is in a class all his own).

Rest assured, anxious WoWer, I have a bunch of posts yet to clean up and... post. But by the time I do they'll mostly be outdated (some are actually over a year old already). So for now, just enjoy the fact Randy Moss is a Viking once again, as he's always been, always will be, and hopefully decides to represent when he's inducted into the Hall. Skol, Vikes!


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  1. killebrew10/6/2010 1:38:25 PM Straight cash homme! Randy Moss + AP + Favre - Mike Tice = Superbowl woot Reply





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