By: Damian Lampl - 12/10/2009 1:47:07 AM

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How long ago was that?

Where'd your head go? Excuse and bullshit and words and numbers. Here's a new post for the first time in more than... two months? Yikes. ROC probably won't be weekly anymore (obviously) but it'll still get done once in a while and there are about 5 or so unpublished (but not quite finished) posts from way back yonder in the section of existence that was months ago sometime.

So what really happened? Well there was this [event] that was overwhelmingly [adjective] and with all the [plural noun] [progressive verb] my [noun], there just wasn't enough [noun] to get to everything. [number] [unit of measure] ago I said to [name], I said, "[name], [noun] is really [progressive verb] the [noun] and I just can't [verb] with all this [progressive verb] going on." And [name] said to me, "Damian, you've got [number] options: [number] - you can [verb] yourself into the [noun] or [number] - you can [verb] a [noun] with a [noun], your choice." So naturally I chose to [verb] [number] [plural noun] and this site took a [progressive verb] [verb] into a [noun].

How'd you do? Mine turned out like this:

Well, there was this clapping contest that was overwhelmingly sandpapery and with all the blades of grass burping my shovel, there just wasn't enough hub cap to get to everything. 342,932,023,135 degrees Kelvin ago I said to Beatrice, I said, "Clark, tree is really humping the seagull and I just can't squat with all this slipping going on." And Gladys said to me, "Damian, you've got one options: 3.14159~ - you can lick yourself into the glass or 1/9 - you can whip a tire with a red blood cell, your choice." So naturally I chose to whisper √-1 ants and this site took a flying chortle into a fingernail.

I mean now that you know, can you really blame me? Craziness.





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