Ritual of Chaos - Level Guide: 1-5 Profession Supplement

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Tailoring Profession
What to choose. What to choose...

Now that you're Level 5 and already more than six percent of the way to the level cap, the professional world is now your pearl. No, sorry, it's your Small Barnacled Clam. Always seem to get those mixed up. At any rate, if you have enough copper saved up you can learn yourself some trade skills. As with spell rotations, there are no "wrong" professions for a warlock. You'll definitely see more benefit from some over others but Blizzard totally set things up so you can pretty much play the game the way you want. Genius, man. Pure genius.

Primary Professions
A popular pair of primary professions (yes, you've just been alliterated) is Tailoring and Enchanting. Tailoring will allow you to make some decent gear while you level and as filler before end-game upgrades. Enchanting, while it can be expensive, will give you some good equipment stat buffs. It's a common practice to create your own green and blue quality items to disenchant into dust, shards, etc. to save a little on the production costs of getting Enchanting leveled. You'll also end up with more [stat bonus] being overwritten on your [equipment slot] than [favorite actor]'s daily popularity and relevance according to [tabloid publication]. Doesn't anyone do Mad Libs anymore? Next time be born before 1980, kid.

If this is your first toon or first on a new server, you might want to consider a good pair of money-making professions. Infomercials running at 3:00am keep yelling that Mining and Jewelcrafting are considered the most lucrative combination at the moment. Just bear in mind that statistics show in-game marriages are declining, so don't take offense if the engagement ring you made especially for that "perfect" couple gets pawned to the highest goblin/Consortium bidder because HE has a thing for trolls and SHE has a thing for anything biped.

Mining coupled with Skinning would probably produce some... interesting (diplomatic enough?) spawn, but they sure do rake in the coin together. Maybe it's the sympathy handout vibe given off by the classic welfare profession pair or something, who knows. But you can track the minerals and skin the animals all at the same time. That's what's referred to as "efficiency," and, yes, you have to be an engineer to understand it. In addition to the blimploads of money you'll be pulling in, these two gathering professions provide two of the best passive buffs: Toughness and Master of Anatomy, respectively from these two professions listed in alphabetical order.

Herbalism and Skinning can also produce good results if your server is jonesing for certain plants (in-game ones, too). Check your local market for details. They should have a flier in Sunday's paper.

Circling back to professions you can actually use, Herbalism coupled with Alchemy is a good way to keep some extra morale up in the form of elixir buffs since not everyone has a pocket mage chained to the back of their wyvern that they can drag through trees, similar to the way we'd slip baseball cards in the spokes of our bike wheels, each rotation slapping out an annoying "FLAP!" that eventually dulled to a soft "PURRR" once the card was shredded to bits or waterlogged and fell apart in a kind of paste, as if we were driving a car that at the very least needed a new muffler, with the only difference being the fact the mage cries almost silently with each new branch scraping his face so you only hear the "PWWWSHHHHHHHH!" with the distinct music of leaves and twigs ripping away skin tissue while simultaneously wiping away the poor bastard's tears, all to the chorus of hopeless whimpering. "DOIN OK BACK THERE?" you yell, more so rubbing it in that you bested him and to remind him of the reality of his dire situation than out of genuine concern for his wellbeing; although technically it's more enjoyable if he's still alive and suffering so you certainly do care if he's still clinging to that dim ray of near-impossible hope for escape, if only to prolong your gloating. Where were we? Oh yeah, flying through Grizzly Hills can be a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Inscription is a profession you might get a little use out of but you could just as, or more easily buy glyphs from the auction house instead. You only learn the minor glyphs by doing the daily (yes, it's 20 hours, not a full day but for most of the world playing the game those four hours are SO getting used up by sleeping) so it will take a long time to learn a bunch of them. Herbalism is the natural counterpart of Inscription since you'll need herbs to mill into ink. Or you can buy ink/herbs and pay the high prices like all the other sucker... patrons of the auction house.

For the special few who are just looking for a gimmick profession with some fun items in addition to a few practical ones, Engineering is your choice. Some of the over-looked craftables that are actually really helpful are the Gnomish Army Knife (which you should buy anyway if you can't make them), the Goblin Jumper Cables, and the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. Engineers can also eventually make helper robots for checking the auction house and buying/selling crap without having to find a town (not that they're ever THAT far away anyway, except in raids). If you go with Engineering, you'll PROBABLY want to take Mining unless you're so stinking rich that Bill Gates' toons come to you for loans.

Leatherworking will currently get you one of the best bracer enchants for casters in the game and you can make a somewhat decent cloak but that's about it. Take this profession only if you're a moron. No offense morons who actually wasted a slot on this one back in Vanilla but are too proud to give it up, or morons who stereotype locks as naturals for wearing leather with their supposed bondage, whips and chains fetish. Granted, a demon seductress that DOES wear leather and whose weapon IS a whip and who moans seductively before slapping her ass only fuels the prejudice and argument that locks could "benefit" from Leatherworking, but to make that work we would need a whole new game mechanic revolving around The Gimp (no, not the free Photoshop). Besides, NOBODY could program AI for The Gimp.

Blacksmithing will allow you to socket your belt and gloves, make keys and Enchanting rods, and actually a really good welfare epic dagger once you ding 80. But other than that you're not going to see much benefit from this profession. Take heart if you did choose this one, at least you're not as stupid as the leatherworkers. Idiots. But it's probably still going to be more beneficial to just buy the crap you need off the auction house.

Secondary Professions
As if working all day only to come home and work some more in a game isn't enough, you can actually pick up THREE MORE JOBS in addition to your primary two. Quick math shows that's a shitload of professions to level! No time to mess around, let's get right to them.

First Aid
Don't worry, no one will make fun of you (to your face) for becoming a healer. REAL warlocks just drain the life of others to replenish their own but certain wannabe locks *cough* MAGES *cough* need that extra method of health recovery. There's nothing wrong with it. Pansy.

All mage-bashing aside (it's just too easy), First Aid is actually a good secondary profession to take up, even if you're a tailor. Depending on your play style, you might find yourself using bandages fairly often and they can be a much faster way to get back in the action than sitting down to grub for a full 30-second meal.

Once you start getting better gear and a few more levels under your belt, you'll find you can practically skip bandaging and even eating and drinking while leveling. But until then, being able to make your own grub can be an inexpensive way to keep your downtime... um... down. Plus a lot of the crafted grub will give you some kind of beneficial status buff like extra health. Who doesn't want extra health?

Since you failed Arcane subjects in magic school because you're not a mage, making your own food and drink appear out of thin air are reserved for those pansies. Luckily it doesn't take much skill to throw a hunk of flesh onto a fire so pretty much anyone can acquire the skill. Back in the glory days, it actually DID take a lot of skill to make yourself a campfire in order to charcoal previously living critters; well, maybe not skill so much as extra items that ate up valuable bag space. Fortunately for you they changed all that and you can now magically build a campfire out of nothingness. It's probably more impressive that OTHER classes that can't already throw fire around by waving their hands can now magically build a campfire out of nothingness but you're a lock and already deduced that so this sentence is likely redundant. You still get it anyway, free of charge. You're welcome.

Catching your own meals instead of running to the local smoke rack in Orgrimmar has the benefit of both convenience and thriftiness. Its only drawback is taking time out from killing things to stock the portable refrigerator you somehow managed to squish into your backpack. Fishing naturally goes well with Cooking since you can fry up the slime you pull out of a given body of water and increase the health bonus it gives you because even Blizzard knows cooked fish is better than sushi.

A bonus of knowing how to fish is that you can pull up some really weird crap in addition to other crap that's good for selling or somehow good for other things. Is that vague enough to make you go try it out yourself? No? Well, they dramatically lessened the time it takes to catch a fish. Doin' anything for you yet? There's really not much more to entice you, sorry.

At any rate, there really isn't a good reason to skip any of the secondary professions other than tedium. Fishing can be quite boring when you're parked at the watering hole outside Wailing Caverns for the millionth hour trying to score enough Deviate Fish to buy your first Level 40 (that's right, old school) mount for 90 gold AFTER THE DISCOUNT (some of us were only Honored) at level 49 with the only break in monotony coming from "finally" being able to barely kill that frickin elite hydra thing that shows up every once in a while and usually drops a GREEN item! Wait, that was on a different toon. This one doesn't have that horrible nightmare to reflect on. Whew! Saved you a huge rant on how easy players have it these days.


More LockNotes for you, slacker.

Recommended Professions for Usage:

  • Tailoring/Enchanting
  • Herbalism/Alchemy

Recommended Professions for Making Money:

  • Mining/Jewelcrafting
  • Mining/Skinning
  • Herbalism/Skinning

Recommended Professions for Morons:

  • Leatherworking
  • Blacksmithing

Recommended Professions for Wasting Time But Still Proving Somewhat Useful:

  • First Aid
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Engineering





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