Ritual of Chaos - Level Guide: 1-5

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<strong><em>Ritual of Chaos</em></strong> - Level Guide: 1-5
Awwwww, isn't he cute at Level 7?

After agonizing over your decision to roll an undead lock instead of any other class/race combination for all of the cast time of Curse of Agony, you're now watching the intro "cinematic" explaining how you were once alive and naturally a frickin human, bla, bla, bla. You were probably a mage, too. Blizzard went through the effort of writing one of those scripts for orcs, blood elves, gnomes, and yes, even humans, so it's only proper respect to acknowledge their existence. This is just inductive reasoning at its best but they probably made one for EVERY race they have in the game. Don't quote me on that, though, it's just wild and crazy speculation.

Now that the awesome voice-over-fly-by is done you can begin the daunting task of clicking a really annoying exclamation point flashing in front of your face. What's it tell you to do? Click on another exclamation point. Duh.

With the core game mechanics now fully under control, you're ready to start out as Azeroth's next ultimate savior. Because you were smart and chose undead, you get to kill zombies and skeletons and bats, OH MY! Less fortunate races are stuck with boars, wolves, boars, candle worshipers, boars, flying eels, kittens, and humans. Well, killing that last one is usually entertaining but zombies and skeletons are much more interesting to slaughter. Plus, you, too, get to kill humans in a couple levels! Hooray for murder and unnecessary commas!

Level 1

Unless this is an alt, your first step is to figure out how to take a first step and then obtain your initial quest. Otherwise you need to run straight for the nearest mailbox and send yourself a minimum of four Frostweave Bags and as much gold as you can spare from your main.

For the rest of you, brace yourself for the strategy on reaching Level 2. Ready? Alright, here it is: read the quest text. For some crazy reason it actually tells you what you need to do. Why would they make it that easy, right? It's usually in the form of, "Kill n monsters," or, "Bring me n of these items I'm too lazy to get myself." Once in a while you'll get something along the lines of, "Go someplace you've never heard of or seen before that's located kind of, sort of, in the general opposite direction of here," if you even get it narrowed down to a particular continent. That means you should do a quick search on your engine of choice for "World of Warcraft someplace you've never heard of or seen before," to find out exactly where you're supposed to be going. Oh, THAT east. There was this stupid, impassible mountain in the way so "east" seemed like a relative guideline to some aimless wandering.

Level 2

Reading about the types of quests dinged you Level 3 already. Gratz! See how easy this is?

Level 3

Well, you've already screwed up. Don't worry, it won't be the last time in the next ten minutes. Way back at Level 1 you missed your first chance to have your class trainer throw some gold colored lines and stars around your avatar in exchange for what few copper happened to be lying in the gutter. What's that you say? You didn't have the frickin coin to purchase it? Poppycock. Everyone knows gold flows more freely now than ever. Wait, its viscosity probably hasn't changed much since the formation of the world so it probably flows just as freely as it did before but now it's easier to obtain. Did you punch your class trainer in the ear? Money ALWAYS flies out the other.

After kindly explaining the repercussions of failing to instruct you (and conceding it was probably worth the money anyway, but disfiguring his face held a certain charm that almost made you smile), with his self-preservation in mind the class trainer should also have given you a quest by this point to summon your first minion. Actually it was available at Level 1 but you were too busy running into walls and jumping in place for three hours to notice so let's slow down here. Blazing through these first three levels can induce nausea and seizures.

The ability to summon demons is one of our defining class characteristics. While it's entirely possible to trudge through to end game material uphill both ways in the snow carrying a monkey (not for sale) on your back without ever enslaving a puppet from hell, odds are you're going to have an easier go of things by learning how to control the creatures, lest you be deemed a mage. And NOBODY wants to be deemed a mage.

All demons sans the Felguard require you to complete a quest before you can force them to do your bidding and your first minion is the Imp. While it may sound like a whiny, high-pitched-voice annoyance, it's really a whiny, high-pitched-voice annoyance. But at least he can do a standing somersault whereas you couldn't even if it meant you'd be able to one-shot rogues. Not only that, but he doesn't cost a Soul Shard (more on these later if you haven't fallen asleep at your keyboard by then, accidentally hitting the backspace key to bring up whatever pr0n site you were just looking at before finding this page thinking it was referencing your poodle fetish).

Four of these aren't really needed but below are the links to the quest for summoning your Imp regardless of race:

Level 4

Since you now have something to follow you around and throw fireballs at whatever catches your fancy, we should probably take inventory of your spells. Immediately available were Demon Skin, Shadow Bolt, and the business ends of the two guns known to the rest of Azeroth as your arms (one of them containing a dagger, cheater). Also available to you once you dropped a few mobs and collected enough pocket lint to sell was Immolate. Now that you're Level 4, you can plunk down even more coin to learn Corruption and Curse of Weakness. Without beating around the mulberry bush, you can treat Curse of Weakness like the nickel barely poking out of the steaming pile of poo the elephant just unloaded during his march in the county parade: you see it there and hear it whispering your name, but in one of those, "OMFG, I have to whisper because I'm holding my breath on account of being stuck in a sloppy pile of sh...ut your mouth so for the love of everything you consider holy in this existence, SAVE ME FROM MY AGONIZING DECAY," instead of the seductive beckoning whisper like Cindy Crawford just gave you in your dream the other night (yes, she's still frickin hot) so you pretend you don't hear it and start whistling nervously, missing notes and blowing air with no sound until you can get out of eye-contact range to start the mad sprint for your getaway hot air balloon.

Where were we?

Oh yeah, make sure to pick up Corruption if that wasn't made abundantly clear from that pleasantly swift journey down county parade lane, and remember to keep Demon Skin active at all times. It's a half-hour spell so it's about 1/48th the duration of your wife's migraine. High five? Anyone? Mages? Forgetting to keep the spell active isn't the end of Azeroth but it will certainly make your leveling process a lot less painful, unlike your wife's migraine. Low five? Anyone? Rogues?

Feel free to use whatever spell sequence you like. At this point in the game no one is there to rage on you if casting Immolate before Corruption could have netted you an increased DPS of 0.001. But if your goal in the end is to be yelled at by a twelve-year-old with the time to run real-world tests on every possible spell rotation, by all means...

In addition to summoning demons, DOTS (Damage Over Time Spells) are another main characteristic of warlocks. You'll want to keep as many of them as possible on your target for maximum damage. Currently you have two: Corruption and Immolate. Without starting an unholy war over the best possible rotation of spells needed to make your grandmother's head spin, a good combination to use for now is Immolate, Corruption (then backpedal until the global cooldown is up), and Shadow Bolt until the mob reaches you. Then you can keep using Shadow Bolt or level your weapon skill, pending how much mana you have left and how much life the mob has left. AGAIN, use whatever spell rotation you like. There is no wrong way to play the game; unless you rolled a mage.

Which brings us to our next point: carry some Refreshing Spring Water and some kind of food. You wouldn't accept consumables from a mage (ok, SHOULDN'T, but that one time was only because we were stranded in Tanaris for five weeks after a Ritual of Summoning went bad) and, sure, it costs a tiny bit of your hard-earned coin and eats up two slots of your precious bag space, but the reduced downtime is what you're after. Waiting for your mana bar to fill up on its own takes longer than it does for your wife's migraine to go away. Behind-the-back five? Anyone? Murlocs? I'm not even married and I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

Level 5

You'll notice a trend until you hit Level 60: all odd levels are void of any spell training. Why? Because you can ALWAYS divide an even number by two. DUH. Simple math, people. Simple math. So don't worry about screwing up again like you did back at Level 3 (noob) by thinking you missed a spell upgrade if you just dinged an odd number.

At this point you should be pert near done with the starter zone quests and obtained your first, "run around like a chicken with its head eaten by Ozzy Osbourne until you find a settlement that might be where you're supposed to end up," quest and you're on your way to the next hub.

Blood elves, you're following Dorothy and Toto down the magic yellow-brick-road (don't mind the corpse in the way... wait, it's a quest objective corpse, mind it) and heading for a nice little courtyard area with a fountain and some RoboCop things.

Gnomes, you get to run through a tunnel (don't forget to honk) and fall off a really big incline screaming, "Why did they build the road up so high when we're so shoooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrr......." unless you stick to the road, in which case you'll pass some friendly dwarves trying to shoot each other in the face (maybe dwarves aren't so bad after all) before finding a cozy little burrow with a bearskin rug and a friendly female dwarf bartender (they DO exist).

Humans, you have to traverse a maze-like gate that's akin to a revolving door, so don't get stuck running in circles around it. Once you've bested that first mind-trick, it's time to sneak past the crazy cat lady without squishing a kitten (good luck with THAT) and make your way to the town where the Headless Horseman eats rookies like you for breakfast.

Orcs, you get to finally see that awesome troll capital city everyone's been raving about. They even have their own swimming pool! Just make sure the Big Bad Wolf doesn't hear about the place, ok? Also, be sure to talk to the witch doctor a bunch of times to see what kind of whacky nincompoopery he'll toss on you next. Bet you can't just click once! Bonus points if you're shuddering right now, remembering Larry Bird in a bald cap. What and who and why? Next time be born before 1990, kid.

And ohbytheway, orcs, you'll have to run A LONG WAY north from Sen'Jin to the nearest semblance of civilization (i.e. an inn) so if you're about ready to call it a day, you might as well just stick to the road-like-indentation until you hit Razor Hill instead of heading southeast out of the starting zone toward the trolls. You'll have to come back south for some quests later anyway.

Undead, you're making your way across an old covered bridge (they DO exist) and over to a small settlement with a graveyard as big as the rest of the town. Don't forget to talk to the bumbling abomination tooling around with his guts falling all over the road. He's on your side... literally. You might want to think about peeling his stomach off your belt. It's kind of gross. Just sayin.

Now that you've made it to the first real town, you'll probably want to set your Hearthstone at the inn. Back in the day this was a huge frickin deal because it had a full hour cooldown. For the rogues and mages, that's twice as long (no, that's not what "she" said, pay attention to her words, not her... how did this get so far derailed?) as it is now and made planning your trips around the local quest zone a bit more of an art form. But luckily for your ADHD (is that 1080p or 1080i?) they dropped it to the more manageable state to coincide with your pill-taking sessions. Yay for you.

Time to cash out for the night and build up your rest bonus. Tomorrow's going to be a long day; you're going to get a job cut and get a real hair.


Since this guide could fill the Library of Congress even before you learn about talents or professions, we'll slap something of a summary on the end for quick and easy access. These first five levels can be pretty daunting; consider this a favor so big that you AND your cat owe me one.

Game Mechanics:

  • Learn to move.
  • Click exclamation points.
  • Read.


  • Summon Imp: requires Level 1. Complete it as soon as possible.



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